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Helping London Grow

To celebrate London Underground’s anniversary we were asked to create a poster that brought to life the Tube’s importance in serving the capital over the past 150 years. The ad depicts the Tube line as a series of roots supporting the thriving city.

Transport For London Poster

The ad was drawn by illustrator Thibaud Herem.

As well as the poster, Transport For London also commissioned this video featuring Thibaud discussing his involvement in the project and explaining his inspirations.


  1. Alan Webster

    Dear all,

    Is there any possibility I can purchase a print of the skyline drawn by Thibaud Herem for the Tfl poster?

    Ideally I would like this framed in my house?

    Your comments would be appreciated.

    Best Regards


  2. ak8

    Dear All,

    As per comment of A Webster – I would love to be able to buy this to frame. Is it/will it become available as a print?



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